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The project is only possible through the support of our sponsors.

Formula Student 

Formula Student is the worlds largest engineering competition. Vermilion Racing is currently competing in Formula Student United Kingdom which takes place on the famous Silverstone track. The Vermilion Racer is a fully student build electric driven race car.

Battery pack

The 600 V battery pack is designed, build and tested by the team. It it dimensioned to fit the challenges at the competition.


The drivetrain delivers power with an electric 80 kW motor connected to the rear axels.


Like a big bracket the chassis is designed and build to interlink the components while still being safe and sturdy.

Team projects

Hello everyone! Vermilion Racing is back! After some hard times with COVID, graduates and more, we are finally back on track. The team has been rebuild with completely new team members – of course with the help from former team members – and we are ready […]
Overview The Master Control Unit (MCU) acts to unite all of the electronic subcomponents of the car, communicating by using the CAN bus protocol, which is the de facto standard communication protocol in the automotive industry. These subcomponents include the pedal box sensors, the shutdown circuit, […]

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    The team

    Team Leaders
    Alexander Bøhl Ewertsen

    Team leader, BSc

    Tobias Klindt

    Leader of operations, BSc

    Nenad Mijatovic

    Associate professor

    Mechanical Team
    Elias Jørgensen

    Head of chassis

    BSc Mechanical

    Filippos Mikrogeorgiou

    Head of suspension

    BSc General Engineering

    Anders Dam

    BSc Mechanical

    Gustav Jespersen

    BSc Mechanical

    Anders Gajczyk

    BSc Mechanical

    Oliver Parrot

    BSc Design & Innovation

    Electrical Team
    Jens Haldrup

    Head of electric

    MSc Electrical

    Line Cecilie Udsen

    BSc Sustainable Energy

    Anders Vedel Eriksen

    BSc Electro

    Simon Friborg Mortensen

    MSc Mechanical

    Zhicun Tan

    MSc Autonomous Systems

    Sergio Chen

    MSc Sustainable Energies

    Ruggero Rigodanzo

    MSc Autonomous Systems

    Former team leaders

    Robin Swann

    MSc Mechanical

    Team leader 2017 – 2018 

    Carl-Emil Grøn

    MSc Mechanical

    Team leader 2018 – 2019

    Steffan Kirk

    MSc Mechanical

    Team leader 2018 – 2019

    Frederik Højlund

    MSc Electrical

    Team leader 2019 – 2020

    Nicolai Boertmann

    MSc Mechanical

    Team leader 2019 – 2021

    Jacob Buch Andreasen

    MSc Mechanical

    Team leader 2019 – 2021

    Albert Seligmann

    MSc Electrical

    Team leader 2019 – 2021

    Kristján Örn Aðalbjörnsson

    MSc Electrical

    Team leader 2021-2022